Lip Service

2457055812_0b2df24010_mOctober 21, 2009
Why have an ‘empty tool box’ for a brain? When it comes to ‘human brain and heart growth, sometimes referred to as ‘evolvement’, few pay any heed to any thing remotely resembling inner growth. ‘Lip service’ becomes popular in lieu of ‘truth telling’ about matters concerning this. For most, it’s easy to confess, with little conscience, to say they are happy with themselves, kids, marriage, friends, where their life is going, etc., with little truth behind it. It’s just the ‘thing to say’.

Earning money to earn more money to buy what’s going to improve their lives, ostensively, is a common driving force for life and, which all else is judged by. This way of living becomes a religion where worship takes on a rather greedy evocation of ‘lip service’ to thankfulness followed close behind by feelings of ‘entitlement’. Now, this style does have a certain charm of it’s own but, upon experiencing, loses it’s shine
when seeing how consumed this ‘religion’ fills these ‘lip servers to life’, lives!

‘Lip service’ is a form of creating distance between the truth and a lie while protecting the ‘lie’. It’s a thoughtless technique to ‘brush off’ having to look at what’s being brushed off. Spinning the truth and facts may be popular among the politicians, religious leaders, media, and, vultures of money but, is especially a breach of ethics and consciousness when among relationships. Couples who live in the ‘same ole, same ole’ doldrums of emotional infidelity, inevitably deepen the rut of ‘brushing off’ the others thoughts. ‘They’ call it communication.

Living in honesty and truth, with uncensored communication of everything, brings a relationship to a positive merger unfamiliar to those with independent agendas that serve only their selfish, greedy desires. Often in the media, their are stories of a husband or wife independently crossing some line that is either criminal or an act of infidelity without the acknowledgement that they really are both at fault. In this case, media lip service to looking at one side without seeing that ‘coupling’ is about ‘one always being in tune with the other’ and when not, things happen oblivious to the other but, they are still culpable! Lip service is any false information that avoids truth, love and compassion. Life is a magnificent opportunity to always reach for the higher answers for self love and, love of others.

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