Da Truth

195456356_76908fcf98October 20, 2009
“You can’t handle the truth’’! We live in a world that has walls! Walls that protect one from the noise out there providing comfort until, there’s a knock on the door! The ‘door of the closed-walled off mind’! But … “those walls are guarded by men with guns”! Famous lines by actor Jack Nicholson in the 1992 movie ‘A Few Good Men’ also with Tom Cruise.

Very few people can handle input about themselves even if it could be helpful or, ‘mind extending’ to be open to unlimited truths about anything that could improve their lives. People have a myriad of walls or excuses to block information that could well be life enhancing electing to choose instead to send out an impenetrable vibration that is only open for certain self censored communications. Truth can hurt so people isolate themselves from mental programming that may well be completely false so as to avoid the discomforts of admitting to themselves and others that they were full of ‘hooey’. Most have ‘road closed or detour’ signs invisibly written on them. Sadly, they repel people who are rich in useful information and, perhaps are coming from a great space of love, inspiration, and just plain old positive thinking.

To hear the truth one must be open and without agenda. Hurt often can be a ‘breakthrough’ and, as much as we want to avoid it, barriers only make the flow of life and love very blocked, to only let in ‘snippets’ that can be used or, nothing at all. I know an author who claims certain people shift into ‘reptile looking creatures’! Now that raises eyebrows and yet, it certainly means some people are cold and sociopathic at least. Moving to what can only be seen by those with an open pinneal gland, certain people allegedly, shape shift on a different dimension into a reptile look for real! Doubt is an important tool in life that opens the mind and heart to what normally people can’t see. Doubt opens the door to truths that are invisible while the ‘walls’ of darkness are clung to.

Truth is, not everyone is open to a lot of truths and, their space for that must be carefully respected if the continuing connection is desired. Some of these people may be friends or certainly relatives who have many other qualities to inspire cultivating. ‘Skillful means’ is always a ‘to do’ when imparting truths particularly, where there are closed walls with no doors or windows of openness.Truth leads to freedom within and an openness to love unconditionally.

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