Road Kill Love

3452977072_e2792d75ee_mOctober 17, 2009
Dead, left over semblances of love to feed the non discriminating hopeless (?) seeker of love that’s all but dead within, likely resulting in attracting more of the same, hoping to meet a ‘live one’. Now that much of the world has many different forms of vehicles from cars to planes to move people wherever they desire, another form of ‘roadkill love’ is rearing it’s ugly head.

People arrive as non residents of a locality/city, with no ill intent, fall in love with an unsuspecting host who does likewise and, then when an impulse moves the ‘visitor’ (?), escaping back to home base or to another city for more ‘road love kill’ while putting a band aid on the suffering emotions emanating from the previous incomplete love victim. People scrambling around looking for love in all the wrong places without first looking inside where it’s suppose to be to enable one to avoid ‘road kill love’ for the real thing.

Biological needs coupled with fears and insecurities as well as the societal pressures of
needing to make life complete to live ‘happily ever after’, cause millions to seek fulfillment of that lure without consideration that it may not be for them. Millions spend their lives fawning and scurrying around for the images of love that are both natural and, yet fueled by ‘Hollywood’ tinsel town images of romance and happiness. Then there are those who look for ‘road kill love’ from females in need of money largely repressed by male domination in society.

Others desperate for love find it in all the wrong places from pedophiliac (which is being understood as more common than we had ever imagined) to lesser sociopathic methods of porno, be it on the internet, magazines, strip clubs, other unmentionables, etc. Road kill love is usually cheating if not on a partner, on oneself. Kill love – find it in all the wrong places! For those who believe in God, it’s cheating on God otherwise, your own self and, not seeing that your potential is to be a being of love.

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