Cinderella ‘Boot Camp’

2544581627_ac3ed447ce_mOctober 14, 2009
Have never met a woman who wasn’t a ‘Cinderella’! It seems to be inherent in their nature. That’s possibly the reason they have so many shoes! Early in my corporate career I, with my Cinderella, moved into a Park Ave high rise in New York. Much to my disbelief she purchased 17 new pairs of shoes and, as she said, many of them were on sale!!! Only now can I see the humor in it as I write this. (She still is a Princess living on an island off of Santa Barbara, California.)

Few Cinderella’s see themselves as entitled to that status. Fewer men have the vision and imagination to appreciate the ‘inside’ of the cover. It all boils downs to ‘self love’. Every personal aspect of life is reflected on how we view ourselves and, given the gap between the higher self and, the self that most accept with little question or, willingness to look deeper at for the real ‘Cinderella’, people walk around as something that they are not.

To not look at the highest aspect of the other (while realizing to stay grounded), is taking a big chance of not ever seeing and experiencing ‘godliness through another being. Love takes unconditional involvement with someone not just ‘dependent’ on you, as is a pet or child. They have little choice and are ‘receivers’ trapped with no choice. Love between two people is the ‘God challenge’ to experience and absorb the beauty and fragrance of the divine kiss of life in it’s clearest and most enjoyable form.

Being in a consciousness of love creates an energy that can be sensed unknowingly by others and, if the circumstances are clear for that special connection, it will likely happen at the right moment and, when it’s least expected. I can humbly attest to that personally many times in moments of magical happenstance! Emotional-spiritual visioning with no expectation creates miracles far beyond the ‘naysayer-doubters’ imagination! Male or female, the clear, meditative being, attracts the energy put out.

Life and love are like a boomerang, what goes out, comes back! The slipper always fits for those in awareness and self love!

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