Love on a Leash

3276256032_6e174fc7a5_mOctober 16, 2009
A dog will love you more than your partner will or, you loving your partner! Ever wonder why it’s ok to love your dog and yet, no one else…ya know ‘I love you’ type? It’s primarily because people aren’t mature enough to handle more than ‘one love’ at a time. What makes one mature enough?

Start with ‘self love’! People generally have an off and on affair with loving themselves if truth be known. Taking responsibility and owning who you think you are begins to fulfill that ‘self love’. Self love is more than being a ‘yes I do’ recording but, one who feels an excitement to be who they are 24/7. It’s someone who can say with honesty that they are as happy with who shows up inside every day as they could imagine. There should be no fear in being totally honest with open minded people.

Typically, married people are quaranteened from socializing ‘one on one’ with anyone of the opposite sex, barring ‘relatives’ of course. Jealousy and insecurities become prominate barriers exposing areas of self doubts that raise a myriad of feelings from anger to fear of abandonment instead of trust and a sense of not being threatened. Love embraces all emotions but, with the compassion of high consciousness and discernment.

In addition to ‘self love’, manifesting an open communication and empathy with the other serves to deepen authentic love. Less is creating a ‘flip-flopping love’ that at the slightest provocation is ready to cancel love with thoughts of running. Love reaches into each others needs creating no selfish barriers. In love, if their is a ‘leach’ it is long and accepting. Two people truly rising in love, have willingly accepted that individuality may be important but, the merger of two people creates a being that thinks and acts in openness with the other. There is both separateness and no separateness simultaneously. Love of others on any level is not of consequence but, for affirming reasons to love each other more. Learn how to love.

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