Self Love

4011117398_ffbcbb3057_mOctober 15, 2009
Loving yourself is the key to all love in life. Partial self love is never enough to fill your being with ‘love for all’ or, ‘full love’ for anyone specifically. There are no exceptions possible! Inability to love another totally while in peace and bliss, with no reservations, even if life goes on apart, is only the result of a deficiency of self love. There may be no comfort in that truth, but it is. Claiming ‘self love’ when it’s not the truth, is a barrier to itself and, to all others. Sometimes partial self love represents a gap between the reality and inner dissatisfaction.

Self love is the beginning of all loves. Self love is perfect and is set to attract all love especially that which manifests itself likewise. In the world, it may be viewed as nonsense but, that is because the world rests in epidemic, hidden ‘self hatred’ covered by ‘lipstick’ to appear otherwise to satisfy the insecure ego.

When one, ‘in truth’, loves one other, never will love be less for anyone else one loves. There is only ‘falling out of love’ or, love canceled when one is not in full self love. Not long ago, someone allegedly in love with me, wanted to know if I loved anyone else?! After a moment of ‘judicious thought’ to answer her question in a sensitive way, I attempted to explain self love and how it manifests personally with anyone, forever resembling the love that was once experienced but, for one reason or another, the commitment of being together changed. The love forever rests within, but not necessarily the mutual activity together. Real love, has no ups and downs or, fickleness, it’s like the real love of self – permanent! That ‘once experienced love with another’, rests within, untouched by time. The recipient of ‘new love’ is best to be thankful that love is continuous and not conditional while always being sensitive to trust with its commitment to the one in the present.

Love is courageous and unrelenting in its pursuit of maximum manifestation. Love of self doesn’t take kindly to ‘settling’ for anyone who ‘loafs’ with love’s expression. Accepting one’s self and, letting go of past barriers which hold back love, is paramount in finding oneself as attractive as possible inside. It ‘always’ starts within. The many techniques of meditation to unfold conscious love, are a gift to bypass past traumas and problems. Pure love is always blowing in the wind for ‘all’ to catch at any time! Paying attention to always climbing to one’s higher self is an expression of love.

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