Thinking Positive Sucks

3082231175_748b39f8f9_mOctober 10, 2009
There is a ‘positive thinking’ preacher from Houston, Texas who turns everything into ‘must be what the Lord’ wants – buy a house beyond your means, spend lots of money and, just be positive and think that it’s what God wants! His name is Joel Osteen, a bible thumping ‘jesus fairy land’ snake oil salesman evangelist who is part of a lineage of evangelists who stick you with guilt and at the same time ‘teflon positive thinking’. In the bursting ‘housing bubble’ of 2008-10, that positive thinking created millions of ‘people problems’!

Problem is, positive thinking while walking on ‘thin ice’ is always going to get you cold and wet! There is a pervading mentality in America to shun any ‘negative talk’ as something to judge and avoid without thinking that the bearer of news not positive, may be realistic. Positive negativity is rarely considered as a possibility. Personally, I’ve always been considered by intelligent people to be very positive but years ago, I discovered through being positive about everything to the exclusion of all negativity, that I began to create a ‘false reality’ around me that had a ‘high price’. Being ‘gung ho’ positive around others created an environment of overlooking the negativity that in a sense is sacred, in that negative can be a great teacher and, even lead to better results when staying conscious in the face of it.

It’s a wise attitude to look beyond positive or negative and look at all sides in acceptance then, pick one of the best choices with little or no judgment for response. Someone’s positive thinking is often a ‘trap’ to agree with their beliefs and ignore what might be true. That’s especially true of politicians and religious ‘quakers’ (crackers!). Since ’scientists of religion’ have collectively agreed, that many characters of all religions are ‘made up’ going back thousands of years, word is just beginning to seep out that all the ‘guilt ridden’ dictums from ‘God’ are twists and spins or, even worse, spins on what are really myths anyway, to manipulate humanity into ‘boxes’.

Seeing reality with ‘unclouded’ assessments for a choice of best possible answers, does not ignore the negative but looks at it as a friend. Many of my readers don’t want to read anything ‘negative’, ignoring that what I’m pointing out is a negative attitude that masquerades as ‘positive’ but, false positivity that is a ‘bursting bubble’ when they have to confront reality and, look at their closed mindedness. Positivity is being popularly used as a ‘cover’ to ignore personal and social faults. A ‘cover up’ like 9-11 continues to be?? Be inclusive of all and, use intelligence and discernment with an ‘open mind’ for value.

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