God Diagnosed with Alzheimers!

195981487_d9c4f366ab_mOctober 6, 2009
God called the other day complaining that she heard I was upsetting many people with talk of Jesus being a fable! Although, she admitted upon interrogation, that her memory was fading from the weariness of keeping watch over the millions of planets at various stages of development. Also, she was irritated at Earth, who after millions of years being the home of the ‘retarded’, still has those who believe in God, still thinking it’s a ‘He’! She was even mad at me for referring to ‘god’ as a she! Truth is, ‘believing’ is merely a trick of the insecure mind looking for an easy way to make existence ‘meaningful’ apart from a meaning each could give it themselves.

So, I asked, what are you or, ‘who are you’? There was uncomfortable silence, so I asked the question again – still silence! Never another word, just an overwhelming feeling inside me that felt like an unbelievable rush of love! Along with this, over time (I lied about ‘the other day’), all my ‘beliefs’ have been challenged with insights beyond the beliefs that are accompanied by ‘doubts hidden in the dark’. Beliefs were replaced by insights that prove to be quite logical and confirmed by a few enlightened souls in ‘my mix’ as being the ‘truth’!

‘Conversations with God’ never really happen but conversations with our higher self through ‘insights and aha’s’ come slowly streaming in when we let go of the ‘lock and lost key’ of regurgitating ancient and dusty words in books that have been replaced by new information which invite more and better information. Our imaginations have been powerful enough to create ‘stimuli’ that seem to be reality, further convincing the ‘gullible mind’ to claim it to be an ‘absolute’!

Insights and aha’s have since replaced the silliness of ‘conversations with god’. Insights are frequently true observations of what was always before the eyes ‘hidden in plain sight’. A relaxed self love opens the ‘infinite doors’ of what some refer to as ‘wisdom’ but, are really ‘the obvious’ for everyone to see once the ‘belief in others ancient manipulated words’ are let go of. There is no end and, the beginning hasn’t started, not just yet er, until dropping unfounded religious information which ‘archaeologists of religions’ have proven to be false! Whad da ya mean, ‘there never was a Moses’ or, our misinformation on what ‘god’ really is?! Oh shit, there’s the phone ringing – couldn’t be god!?
{3 things:
There is no God
There is a God
Both are false}


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