God as ‘Idol’!

2936450932_a3e59a042e_mOctober 5, 2009
Scientists of religion have proven that nearly all are ‘hardwired’ to be closed to information that suggests any rationally proven hint of things different than their faith dictates. All enlightened and/or intelligent, open minded folks always consider that what we are told is inaccurate or just plain false. There will come a time far into the distant future when most of those currently occupying the earth will be dead and, those continuing on will laugh at the ignorance of so called modern man of the 20th and 21st centuries.

‘Faith’ and ‘belief’ are tools used by the religious controllers to close all possibilities! Any religious leader (ie., preacher) who does that, is a charlatan because they are ALL smart enough in the 21st century to know about the ‘research’! It’s fear … fear of loss of income and being in the wrong ‘sect’ (ie., Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, etc.) There are religious groups (Unitarian) that are far more open to the ‘truth’ that religions are based on myths that have been passed down for thousands of years with ‘adjustments’. In other words, ‘boilerplate’.

The mental technology of the 21st century is the same as that hundreds of years ago with small pockets of more enlightened individuals. Innovative technology like computers are light years ahead of the sluggish programming of humanoids and, it spells ‘DISASTER’ as the clash will happen without the masses waking up and not fearing ‘letting go’ of fairy tales that can be replaced, as they have been among the more enlightened, with mysteries that far exceed the ‘pablum’ that is ‘fast fed’ to the ‘too busy to question ones’.

The ‘religious leaders’, from the Pope to the ‘country preacher’ or, the Rabbi, are all being ‘pedophiles’ of the innocent, trusting followers. Truth needs preparation for people to assimilate it into their consciousness. The time for the truth must start now. It’s time for religions to ‘repent’ and stop this ‘faith-belief’ nonsense! Not getting ‘stuck’ on silly, erroneous definitions of god is a start. Worshiping God as a word with personal arbitrary embellishments to believe in, is ‘ancient’ foolery to trick the mind. ‘Labels (ie.,God)’ freeze the mind from seeing more real manifestations of the ‘divine’.

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