Worse – Men or Women?

3398389073_8aa0621997_mOct. 2, 2009
When it comes to open, conscious, communicative, loving relationships, which sex takes the booby prize? Firstly, the average male or female is a ‘booby prize’ when the requirements for the ‘bars of love’ are set high. Love is mostly used as just a word to describe ‘an inkling of satisfaction’ with something or one, sometimes peppered with a little emotion. That emotion doesn’t usually reach beyond that emotion from a sensitive Oprah Show or a riviting movie over popcorn.

Frequently, a relationship is primarily biologically through visual, hormonal natural injections. Now, that can be just fine but often not ‘looking under the hood’ so to speak, with good common sense, is missing. Looking at ones past performances and influences is necessary for evaluating what to expect in the future. Life in the world of the spiritual seeker has two basic paths – meditation and, love. Meditation being the path of the alone and, the love path the path of the alone melting with another in the same position. The ‘no path’ which is just going ‘helter-skelter’ with or without drugs or, a path of ‘believing’ in what amounts to a ‘doctored religion’, are the norm.

There is no such thing as loving someone out of his or her problems. Most men and most women are ‘desperate’ at some point to bond with a partner and will overlook those flaws which will in turn doom a love path, if that’s a priority. There are men and women with no flaws that pop up sooner or later as ‘ship wreckers’. The key is to be one of those or, only settle for less with someone deeply committed to always acknowledge and taking responsibility for changing them while demonstrating that they ‘walk the talk’.

At this time in a world just stepping out of ancient times and beliefs into a chaotic world of all the technological advancements as well as infinite entertainments, real love is elusive and well, freightened of being overlooked! Most would rather be a man looking for a woman but ironically, inspite of differing opinions, in that tiny minority of the aforementioned, there appear to be more men available at those high standards than women today. Man or woman, this is the moment to reach to the heights.

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