I Love You?

1262129181_20283d910d_mOct. 3, 2009
Always and forever er, until it challenges me or, well ….it felt like it then ….at least I thought so ….I’m trying to forget ….meant it then but, not now! Love is usually reduced to a game to keep two ‘conditionals’ together. Today, with all the options and distractions, particularly in the big cities, turning the ‘channel’ has reduced ‘love’ to a fragile affair that is ‘lip service’ and, not required to follow up on if things change and people move in different directions.

Love’s real test (if it’s to meet a test) is what happens when it’s ‘bye-bye love’! ‘Love’s end’ is the real beginning of what one thinks of oneself. MIxed feelings for oneself means life isn’t working just right and there’s a malfunction going on that gets transferred to everyone brought in close. Knowing who you are beneath the surface, is to fix the malfunctions.

Everyone is the same deep in the ‘inner’. On the surface, many prior conditions have served to influence who you seem to be. We breath the same air and, are subject to the same environment with little difference. We are 99% alike but for being who we are not. Everybody wants to be what they want to be but, most aren’t sure what that is or how to maintain the glimpses one has of it. Self love is a clear highway to see and be what one has the passion to be. Being deeply authentic with oneself and with another creates a manifestation of truth not possible otherwise.

Excuses of why that continual love within seems to always disappear is just that, an excuse to not meet the resistances that rest at the bottom of things of the past. To move beyond the reasons of resistance, one must be open to suffering and, some emotional pain however, with eyes wide open, one can feel the love in the pains that will open more when they are accepted. Love comes slowly when moving through unpleasant memories but, in letting go and letting the freedom of love in, healing continues. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if love was ALWAYS there for yourself and anyone else? It’s the reason to love oneself! Ignite the ‘eternal flame’ of love!

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