Intellectuals OUTDATED

3542116767_b94777cc55_mSeptember 29, 2009
Smart people, who are ?sometimes? regarded as intellectuals,
are no longer of the value that they once were! Intelligent
people are not necessarily regarded as intellectual or, what
have you, like that which once was. The academic scholar is
far more listened to or marketable for job placements than his
real value. The so called more ?intellectual? people are basically
memory ?googler?s? of their ability to totally recall information that gives them the ?label?
of ?smart?. Intellectuals ability to control decisions and changes is on the wane as more
acknowledgment is given to the well rounded individual who?s instincts, emotional
acumen, common sense, compassion, etc., are seen as more worthy of attention.
Take the ?holy book? business in all religions, this ?eld is dominated by those with high
mental recall of ancient texts which they manipulate to ?t the mold of today for their own
ego self serving needs. The recipients of this ?recall-parroted
information? are packaged into a ?box-like
matrix? which controls every step of their
lives leaving them vulnerable to control by
the implanted information.
The more ?emotionally developed? are less
likely to be under the spell of the
manipulators of information that they spin or,
is just plainly false and, given with the
thought that it must be believed on faith or
trust. Fear of that which is outside of one?s
programming keeps the world under a spell
letting sociopathic controllers create a ?new world order? that
bene?ts them and a teeny minority to take from the gullible (who
often don?t realize it) ?truths? that would minimize the ?manipulators? from all spins of
reasons to give them increased power.
Intellectuals depend on ?recall? or memory above the norm. Answers to many questions
of yesterday have changed into more ?truthful? answers, particularly with the advent of
the internet and it?s ?googling? features for answers. Intelligent people always seek the
truth beyond what they are told with no agenda of using others to satisfy their greedy
needs. The ?manipulation? of the world is ?outed? and, as more and more crawl out from
beyond the webs of deception, life as we knew it will evolve to an authenticity of joyful
living for all. Google the heart, common sense, instincts, and higher values!

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