Shark Wizards

2765946825_7590634443_m-1September 27, 2009
Is it true that some will be paying off ‘student loans’ after 50? Those over 50, control most of the world’s wealth and, regardless of possessing that wealth, they have another advantage that the world needs badly! First a little assessment of those under 50 and why they are ‘useless’ and unprepared to make ‘change’ (or, have time the way they run their lives).

In the late teen years into the twenties, young adults are working hard at studying, experimenting, and figuring out where they belong in the mix of their predecessors who are running things. If it’s not military service, it’s beginning to pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans tagged with ever increasing ‘interest’. Even though people are getting married later or again and again, it’s counterbalanced with increased drug and substance abuse. With a plate more than full of technological toys, work, marriage, responsibilities, and infinite problems, these folks are mainly out of the loop for ‘making a difference in the world’ perhaps more than at any other time.

For the majority of those who bought into this ‘duplicitous, insane matrix’, life will continue with ‘running to get ahead’ that goes nowhere and inhibits time spent for inner growth. Thankfully, many of them will get a glimpse in their yoga classes. The whole ‘stifling’ journey, in a mixed up world of priorities, will suddenly come to 50 and, the wondering how that came so fast! The few wise, future wizards of enjoying life, while downsizing the material, will slow down or stop the frenzied running in place of the ‘going no where’ but to the ‘pharmaceutical’ trap that allows ‘hobbling through’ the golden(?) years.

However, with the growing population of the ‘possible wiser’, and mostly with the one asset, other than experience, that they never had unfettered use of, is ‘TIME’! Time to make a difference in the world individually and collectively no matter how small that makes some part of life better for those of the ‘here and now’ and, into the future. Tuning out and vegetating into old age, ignoring the great assets one has, is no longer acceptable in a world starving for community minded activity that benefits all. There is no better, available group to help make this a better world and, be an inspiration for those younger to look forward to, than those who once ‘ran in place’ and, did nothing to benefit the world other than to raise kids in an overpopulated world. And, it’s a great time to explore many forms of meditations to open the vastness of the consciousness! Let the ‘sharks of wisdom’ survive and propagate new ideas and deeds! That ‘illusory God’ out there will smile!

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