Buddha or Jesus?

2116332691_d0693aae54_mSeptember 26, 2009
All intelligent spokesmen for Jesus or Buddha, know the truth! Two things: both are of great value and inspiration to billions and, are needed as a gateway for many of those to ‘truths’. Both are symbols of divine ideas for human conduct but, certainly not truthfully ‘symbols’ for one man who lived and lived as has been said. Both are a compilation of many people with some wisdom to add ‘they saids’ to the compilation of information at the time.

Irrefutable logic coupled with common sense evidence has eliminated the possibility of either being a ‘touch him, hear him to see if he’s real’. Never happened! Everyone exists at a different level and until the past 1/2 century or so, little credible living information that was contemporary, was available for replacement of ancient dictums and myths. The multitude at this time seem hardwired from centuries ago to believe in the ‘holy books’ lock, stock and barrel. To some extent, they continue to be useful but are really ‘horse and buggy’

Women have never had the equal recognition as men have had and yet that’s not all bad, it’s men who create wars and most violence! The ‘equal’ status is on one hand necessary and on the other hand unintelligent. No question females should have every opportunity that males so felt entitled to for written history. However, women need not be saddled with the tragedies bestowed upon humanity that served mans greed and ignorance at the expense of humanities evolution.

Those who find themselves with little or no hope are at this time entitled to a ‘lifeline’ that Buddhism, Christianity or the others provide to keep above the ‘water line’. Inner growth is a continuous affair and challenge. Once out of the ‘box’ of the ancient, well tread lifelines, it’s necessary to find the courage to venture into the unknown for truth as surely a Buddha or Christ would have if they had existed. Truth is an exciting endless journey of perpetual new revelations and discoveries. This, in the 21st century, is the time for all to rise on their own and, collectively!

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