Reality or ‘Fairy Dust’?

3618862750_7e5977e76f_mSeptember 23, 2009
Fairy Dust is that unseen ‘force’ that turns people into ‘believers’ of anything that ‘hooks’ into the mind. Today a ‘teeny chip’ in a small device can transmit a particular choice from thousands of songs for our pleasure. Had a friend who just returned from being a ‘sniper’ from the Afghanistan War who said he was trained to hit a human target 2 miles away for the kill. We have the technology to send a missile hundreds of miles to hit a target (ie., building) with the push of a button. ‘Belief’ in anything without proof, regardless of trust or faith, is ‘mind control’ and, humanoids with few exceptions ‘believe’ in anything that serves their purpose of protecting them from truths that they are not prepared or are too lazy to assimilate into their lives.

‘Fairy dust’ does cause the mind to disperse memories into a fog within a short time. How many days can you remember, like you can yesterday, a year ago? A traumatic even sticks in the mind forever. Even wonderful events leave a jagged picture in the mind for years. But, who can remember exact words the next day let alone years later particularly if one wasn’t there to hear them? Billions of ‘believers’, on this modern edge from prehistoric times, think they can do it on ‘faith’ and blind believing, as if it’s some ‘supernatural power’!

If man survives into the next centuries, he will laugh at the ‘so called modern man’ and his ‘beliefs’ of ancient dribble from holy books supported from the mouths of ‘medicine men’ calling themselves ‘preachers, rabbi’s, religious clerics, saints, popes, etc. People want to believe what’s best for them to deal with, even with the trusting wife of the husband who philanders about.

Consider the ‘fairy dust’ that clouds the questioning mind of millions of Americans when it comes to the planes flying into the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001. Few will not remember where they were at for their whole life but, few will put the pieces of possible illusion together even to ask themselves why was it that someone was filming at 7 something in the morning of the happening and, how long did it take to get those pictures to the networks who in our minds transmitted them instantly? Why did one building, 47 stories tall, collapse ‘pancake style’ without a plane hitting it, in 7 seconds? ‘Fairy dust’ clouds the mind with few exceptions into an oblivious state of believing that which most seems to be believed by others. Letting go of the nullifiers of discernment happens through open mindedness to question in awareness. See through ‘smoke and mirrors’!

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