Chained Love

3913308897_c5704d69d9_mSeptember 25, 2009
Love (?) has an expiration date!? As the flames of love turn to embers and, frequently to cold chunks of black, perpetual meaningless drama enters to fuel the memories hoping that the dead embers renew their spark. Insecurity and concern over the safety of money and investments become the endless priority to keep the ‘unprepared for marriage’, shackled in chains.

Limited, conditional love turns into a sinking swamp void of loves growth. The elements of love need be nourished. Always pay attention to self love first then, communication, agreements, empathy, compassion, sensitivity, patience and, every positive element known. Love of deep value, doesn’t come and stay because people are ‘entitled’! If one had a very loving childhood love is easy IF, one is with someone also having had a loving childhood.

All drugs, past and present including ‘meds’, are likely to ‘chain’ one to ‘love with holes’ that never allow love to fill the heart. All bad habits as well as having a love for any belief systems, dampen the full expression of love. Love is a delicate phenomenon and needs freedom and nurturing for survival instead of ‘non attention’. Love that becomes superficial takes on anti-love characteristics that exemplify themselves in a myriad of ways. Love, if it’s authentic, never ceases expressing itself especially to those who have been close or, if not, the self love is weak.

Love of self and, those closest to you, can be measured on a ‘numerical scale’, lets say from 1-10. Ten being the highest and, always under all circumstances, unconditional. Without serious meditation, what ones past has been with the quality of love, will always be the same unless it has, in the past, reached consistent peaks of expressions. For over 20 years, I’ve created and used a ‘quality love analysis’ based on a numerical system which has been very accurate. Love is always ‘self love’ and will resonate high if one is in great self love with themselves and, meets someone else in the same space of self love. The most difficult part of the love path at this point in time, is finding that someone(s)!

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