Kill Jesus

3533063429_49090f1e56_mSeptember 22, 2009
Kill the Buddha on the path if you should encounter him, is a famous saying meaning to get Buddha out of the way of one’s evolvement. Kill Jesus is something never said as it might be taken as offensive when in reality, it’s all perception and, imagination. Those who really don’t ‘get it’ are judgmental and fragile while certainly fearful of anything said here! Jesus is a ‘code word’ having NOTHING to do with the literal interpretation of his ever having existed in the biblical story.

Clinging to the biblical story is certainly a barrier to seeing the ‘Christ light’ within or, better said, seeing the beauty of who we really are. Millions of innocent, immature people have taken the story ‘literally’ and even supported it by miracles that happen in their lives ‘as if someone wouldn’t otherwise experience miracles’!! I can personally testify that my experience of miracles continues to expand each year especially the recognition of past and present ones. Clinging to a ‘false interpretation’ of the actual physical existence of a Jesus is to ignore what ‘religious scientists’ have uncovered recently to disprove that without any question.

The ‘code meaning’ of the word Jesus is to ‘convert’. Convert the negative, be they illusions or reality that causes suffering to the ‘positive’. To convert into the ‘catchers mitt of Christianity’ is merely a technique to encourage people to step up to the plate of awareness of following a path of love, prayer and, meditation. People who have ‘no clue’ or direction in life need a ‘stick’ to steer them into a direction of ‘seeing the divine’ and who they really are and how to create a positive purpose in life.

‘You Are’ the Buddha, Jesus and, the Christ when letting go of who you think you are which significantly consists of others who don’t know who they are’s opinions of you or, one’s that you perceive they are thinking. Jesus is a ‘code’ word for transforming and ‘converting’ negative into positive and not what gets beaten into fearful, unquestioning heads!

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