Cash Cow Man

2514478872_1429d607a1_mSeptember 20, 2009
Intelligent women might look to be part of a stable of a conscious, loving man who is in the position of reasonable wealth and, who is open to ‘spread his good fortune’ also. Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine and an empire emanating from Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, has many women over the years living with him. Hugh Hefner is very happy. He is perhaps an extreme role model for what many men and women should be open to consider in their life plans.

Surely, ‘one on one in deep love’ is a model to emulate but, they are rare and, few and far between. During these ‘transitional times’ of changing roles of males and females, it makes common sense to seek answers outside of the box that society sells, of two people living happily ever after with a ‘diamond ring’ and promises of ‘heaven on earth’. A woman can be as happy with a man of means as much as the truck driver. It all comes down to the spirit of consciousness. Better to love a man while other women do too, than be saddled with a ‘one horse pony’ who makes you part of a humdrum existence ‘til death finally do you part’ and, worn out having done the same old thing generations before you did, unsuccessfully.

Any woman in consciousness and, riding the ‘high plains’ of life deserves the best. Finding an open rich man is far easier than finding one not that is ‘committed to love and consciousness with openness’! I have not seen any but a sliver of evidence to the contrary. Once the ‘biological ardour’ reaches its level of reality, few will find it the ‘nirvana’ they once had (if they did) and, it makes sense to seek it for inner happiness.

LIving with a man and multiple partners requires mutual commitment, understanding, communication and, compassion for each other’s welfare in that moment and, for the future. A man who enjoys the benefits of more that one live in partner certainly owes the ‘openness’ to that partner to have the opportunity to have positive friends on the outside. It’s just a matter of loving oneself that creates the inner security and compassion to be open. It’s important to have an agreement to always look out for the others welfare even when the arrangement changes. Deep friendship is a key. If you live in awareness and, from your heart, the possibilities of ‘life arrangements’ are limitless.

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