Talkie – ‘No Walkie’!

3604438043_3bb60202f3_mSeptember 19, 2009
Had a friend who sold ‘space’, the imaginary kind that is dreamed up in the head. In other words – ‘Nothing’! Takes a lot of positive talk. She sold corporate Madison Avenue advertising. People Magazine and Vogue – one a popular ‘rag’, the other all about ‘illusion’ for women. Neither amounts to anything but inconsequential entertainment. Lots of ‘talk stuff and nothing substantial’ that improves one’s life.

Jane was Ms. Positive – always up for the public. Had a good ‘gung ho’ rap -’ I’m goin’ to do this, I’m goin’ to do that – things are great – fantastic. Except for ‘advertising sales’ it was all ‘smoke and mirrors’. Then she moved to ‘Tinsel Town’ – Hollywood, shortly after I left NYC too for Los Angles to sell more illusion, which if it pays the bills of a nice lifestyle and, doesn’t reflect itself in missing a ‘down to earth reality based life’, is fine.

Lots of ‘positive talk’ about achieving this and that while allegedly working on bad habits that never seem to go away is ‘talkie – no walkie’! There is nothing more important than a ‘you’ who is ‘spit shined and polished’ for smooth interaction in life, with others, possibly a mate and, mostly oneself. We all have a garbage bin in the brain that affects all the rest of us from the feet to the genitals, heart, throat, sight, hearing and, ability to convert all of life to an action that reflects consciousness. That ‘garbage bin’ collects information especially from childhood and, unless emptied of the ‘attachment’ to troublesome memories, they become suppressed in there and, no matter how much ‘lipstick’ goes on, that part of the brain, it’s still a brain with a live, smelly garbage bin.

There is NO climbing the mountain of consciousness beyond a certain level if one hasn’t ‘let go’ and emptied that negative stuff which follows one to death and….beyond! Saying this and that to make one feel good is puttin’ lipstick and perfume on the things that need serious attention to start living a life with ‘a little slice of heaven’ about it. Everyone can ride above the negative’s of the past even when it hurts and scratches on the journey – that’s just releasing Karma!

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