Diet Jesus

3420485900_3b9ec84dcc_mSeptember 16, 2009
Getting too sweet on Jesus affects ‘sex life’, however, there is always viagra or cialis (with warnings)! Men and women might think of having sex with Jesus in the middle! Perhaps make it a prayer! One can be Jesus and the other Mary? Or, does bringing Jesus into the ‘conjugal bed’ create impotence? Leaving love out of sex over a prolonged period of encounters will dilute the experience, particularly for the female.

Bringing love into sex is a good idea but, is bringing Jesus into it also a good idea (or mohammed)? Scripture of course is a no-no, at least in Christianity. My experience with open minded jewish women is that never does Jesus enter into the picture except occasionally at a certain moment to yell ‘JESUS’! I’m a bit unfamiliar with Muslim women but, do they scream ‘MUHAMMAD’ or, ALLAH? Or, who do the Chinese yell out? So much to know when we get out of the box of thinking our ‘little world’ is the only world!

Diet food and beverage is just a gimmick to make money and to stay competitive. Doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that 1/2 of American adults are overweight ‘a lot’! After decades of trillions of dollars spent on ‘weight loss’ fads and ‘diet this and diet that’, fat is epidemic – it’s really been the ‘devil’ and, not what was promised! As Hitler said, ‘repeat a lie often enough and, it becomes accepted as the truth’. People are numbed to look into the real truth of origin and ‘follow the money’!

Weight loss advertising of methods and products as well as ‘religious hype’ of a savior or messiah is very similar and, good money making gimmicks for the gullible or, the general population who are skillful enough (they think) to keep the ‘fantasy’ going, so help them god. Rarely does anyone examine the few who have escaped diet religion to find truth beyond the dogma. The 21st century, finally, is the century to have a ‘new world order’ of consciousness and truth leaving behind the ‘quick fixes’ of ancient religious lies. No ‘but, but, but’s’! Diet’s are band aids as are religions. Seek what God really is, and not the common ‘dumb down version’!

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