Atheist Boneheads

3253116938_951663e7d9_mSeptember 18, 2009
Atheist are stuck in the brain and, reluctant to let their heart be involved in seeing beyond the starless sky. ‘God’ believers may be stupid but, they usually have the heart open be it with fear of the unknown and, ‘love unleashed’. The brain is usually defensive, drugged, ignorant, and/or fearful. The heart, uses that brain to keep it guarded from the unknown, like ‘abandonment’.

Both atheists and ‘god lovers’ are rolling fantasies and illusions in their heads while in ‘full charge mode’ to defend their position without common sense appreciation of that they may have the completely wrong perception. Everyone seems to be quick to say they know what love is but it’s like looking up at the world from inside a box – the experience is very limited. God believers generally start in youth and just never question what this ‘god’ really is instead living in suppressed fear of this alleged ‘boogie man’ in the sky!

During my 12 years of doing ‘free speech displays’ on the Venice Beach boardwalk, always those claiming to be atheists would stop by and assume that I was one of them because I challenged the believers in religions calling them ‘deluded’. Mostly, they were male and often a bit ‘nerdy’ as they seemed thrilled to think I supported their ‘brain delusion’. Au contraire, mon frère, ‘I’m too busy considering how to have fun waking up the ‘religious boneheads’, to see the beauties of finding the answers to life by opening their hearts and minds together to see beyond the veils of deception.

The wonder of seeing the ‘falsities’ of life through waking up is that there are veils beyond veils to reveal mysteries as ‘aha’s’ but. hidden from those not willing to look beyond their noses. As children, we are given answers to questions that children everywhere have curiosity about. The answers need be simple for undeveloped minds but, they are the same answers given the parents as children except for the obvious fairy tales that become understood by 8 or 9. The one’ fairy tale’ continued for the ‘busy with other things’ mind is ‘what’s it all about and why am I here’. That ‘fairy tale’ is erased with self love and openness. The answers are always blowing in the wind! Religion and atheism may work like a ‘stock car’ with half it’s cylinders running in a championship race but…..!!

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