Psycho Love

September 11, 09
‘Psycho love’ is the love one sees in most homes often hidden from the view of anyone. ‘Managed love’ is the reality to convince each other that there is something somehow worth saving. Fragile agreements to keep things civil …. most er, some of the time. Silent wishing for something better. Tolerance is a major technique to use to keep past memories of infatuation alive. Things happen that one would never let ‘new love’, ever experience.

This is two people with old, unexamined habits and unresolved issues from childhood for a union only to have old karma play out. The insane popular assumption that marriage has to have it’s ups and downs is erroneously including ‘behavior between each other’.
Life has ‘ups and downs’ apart from our conscious involvement in it or just plain ‘oversight’ and mistakes. Love does not need to be bombarded with consistent flashes of hate and disrespect.

Before love (and it may come simultaneously), communication and agreement need to be a significant part of any coupling, even with just friends. Always check it out if your own house is in order before casting the first stone. Love is over most people’s head, considering that their own ‘house of love within’, needs attention and cleaning before inviting another into it. Proclaiming love in a ‘biological frenzy’ may have merit but, one that must continue to have credibility beyond a ‘roll in the hay’. Unlike a few years ago, ‘I love you’ has become as popular as ‘have a nice day’ – just a meaningless ‘shoo away to just anyone’. Recently, I had one ‘know-it-all’ state that the secret to their marriage was smoking pot! Then too, a close wise friend a few weeks ago, said that when she was more unaware, she would occasionally smoke pot particularly when she ‘didn’t care for being with the person except for the temporary ‘pleasure it brought her’! The second, sounds more like the truth!

Sadly, ‘psycho love’ is the choice that most make rather than take the time and energy to raise consciousness above the habits that keep it tethered to mediocrity. To begin moving beyond ‘where‘s love gone’, stop, focus on frequent moments of deeper breathing and, staying aware of the breath. In time, one’s vision of the more positive will begin to come out from behind the clouds of unconsciousness!

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