New Friends Better…

2125191331_27940e7004_mSeptember 14. 2009
… than old ones who often are stuck in time and nonsense. The ‘shroud of the matrix’ of religion or even, the drifting aimlessly through life, has shut down millions from being able to think rationally while instead putting them into denial and, always on guard for those who breach their space of hearing truth. Friends are people who’ve come into one’s space of acceptance on differing levels. It’s natural to have a ‘memory binding’ but never necessary to not maintain the friendship in someway.

Maintaining friendships reflects ‘self love’ but, self love may make it more harmonious to position the frequency of meetings, as well as the type of conversation, with more ‘space’ between encounters to preserve past positive memories. Clinging to past memories which proved to be incomplete and burdensome, is best a time to stop and see what works best to keep the friendship ties open.

Smile and keep distance until, as the years go on, perhaps a change will occur but,
not to be counted on. New friends are often better than old friends who, sadly, become like dirty laundry. It’s all as it should be, given what came before, that may not all be good. Seek happiness within and, with open minded types who seem to have the foresight to do the same.

Best is to find the hidden friend within who’s a pleasure to be with all the time. Always, once the self love is met, old and new positive friends await within. Whatever happened in the past that doesn’t allow that inner friendliness to happen is over and, not a memory to cling to if it was adverse. Things unfortunate often happen for different reasons than we think and, it’s very freeing to realize that it has little or nothing to do with you as you were just there in the way of perhaps a parent and an endless lineage of disfunction. To forgive is to see or imagine the circumstances and reasons for what seems to have ‘no reason’. We rarely are who we think we are, especially if the ‘best friend’ within isn’t always there (seemingly).

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