Eleven (11) Marriages

2535237739_edf62fb497_mSeptember 13, 2009
Thought I’d have at ‘least’ 12 but, never look seriously for them. This is an ‘out of the closet’ writing prompted perhaps by being fortunate to live in one of the ‘world’s most heavenly towns’ where a rain storm is not much more than a heavy mist and the snow fall can mostly only be seen in the mountains over looking the Puget Sound sea that surrounds most of this magical place where we had a hot day yesterday with blue skies and 72 degrees.

Also, prompting this short writing of an unusual insight into the ‘free speech Arhata’, is
how I’m inundated with seeing and hearing of marital/relationship discords and, well, the ‘ups and downs’ of ‘material marriages’ everywhere I look. Now more people than ever are ducking in fear, choosing single, which as much as it’s a good thing, might be indicative of realizing that most of them aren’t suited for anything other than a ‘rocky partnership’ as people look at each other and, see a ‘high maintenance’ future. So wisdom in some strange way is growing!

People divorce because things have gone bad. Never experienced that (they may have but, not I). The first time was age 18-23 and, neither of us had a discouraging word to say about each other, just changing interests and, at least on my part, the insight on how wonderful marriage could be and, with different partners, each a teacher. At one end, the ‘marriage teachers walked on ‘holy grounds’ with no discernible problems in the ‘marriage’ and, on the other end, partners came with a little luggage but, for short term, there were far more ‘pearls’ than corn feed.

Marriage is a spiritual union of two spirits into a divine merger as one ‘unconditionally’. The merger into one that way is rare but, very possible for those that have found deep love of self within. The ‘societal images’ of marriage are antiquated and, are good (?) if one wants to be in a box of ‘up and down ordinariness’ with a few ‘material perks’. Marriage has little to do with ‘legal’ but must reach a pinnacle of ‘godliness’ to even become ‘registered on the richter scale’ of angelic or, truly meaningful.

There are two spiritual paths to enlightenment: Meditation and/or love – both are fraught with dangers as one can well imagine on the ‘love path’. The 21st century will create the ‘almost, currently none existent, flowering of the love path for unlimited ‘discerning’ souls! Cutting away the unnecessary programmed ‘mumbo jumbo’ with heart and awareness wide open is the only way to enter the ‘love world’! My unusual, focused experience on the love path or, the path of meditation alone is fulfilling and, of far more smiles than otherwise. Time is love and it always starts now with no ending!

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