Control a Woman

remoteSeptember 15, 2009
Once man learns how to control his urges toward satisfying his needs with the female as his means, then there will be little need to control a woman. In the interim, everyone needs to examine themselves compared to taking the highest choices in all aspects of life. Humans attract who they are and, strangely seem to forget or, not even recognize and, take responsibility for that.

The majority come to the ‘plate’ of coupling with ‘dangling problems’ from childhood as well as parents who also did and, ad infinitum. Life lived from childhood all around school and achievements frequently ignores the ‘school within’ that needs to see who each are as well as why they are who they see themselves as. At 18, the doors to the mysterious and unknown world before one, begin to open where each begins where their parents were a few years earlier with different circumstances but, in a newer world of evolving availability of answers on how to make life the highest experience imaginable.

It’s easy to unconsciously slide into the artifacts of centuries ago behavior that gets passed on without correction for greater clarity. People slide into fitting others perceptions of ‘best life’ while those, generally only ‘walk the talk’ that’s just ‘talk’ with no demonstrable reality of that ‘gibber jabber’. It’s also easy to cling to negative happenings of the past for a life time without really understanding ‘why they happened’ and ‘why’ all blame needs to be reexamined for truth and positive ways to use earlier happenings to increase compassion and benefits for the moment and future.

Males and females are more similar than not at the heights of consciousness. Separation occurs when, on the one extreme, people revert to damaged and unrepaired beings that they accept forever without seeing that ‘change’ leads to ‘working as it should be’. More than not, it’s change back to where things originally ‘changed’ from the precious beginnings – ‘back change’ to where ‘change’ is no longer necessary other than adapting to new ‘outer changes’. The ‘control’ is for each to experience a more clear and enjoyable picture of life.

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