2496727342_a55016c629_mSeptember 7, 2009
To have one’s insensitivity and ignorance ‘button’ readily available, particularly in otherwise intelligent beings, is the ‘non quality’ of nincompoopness! It’s one who is deficient in judgment and good sense: an ass, fool, idiot, imbecile, jackass, moron, ninny, nitwit, simpleton, ding-dong, dip, goof, jerk nerd, schmo, schmuck, turkey, and more. Nincompoopness takes on a special quality when people are ‘addicted’ to a belief system, be it ‘atheism’ or some ‘fear god’ religion.

Deficiency in inner awareness and self love is largely ignored for the seeking of the all important ‘deficiency’ in the cup of the material and, all but that, which serves to make one’s cup fill with consciousness. The ‘elephant in the china shop’ of each individual life, is attachment to concepts like God, no God and, general apathy about inner bliss without ‘milking dry’ concepts that clutter the mind, seeping into all behaviors as if it were meant to be a ‘necessity for survival’!

Daily, I speak with Jews, Christians and Muslims, all with their ‘spears of defense’ that they must protect largely what they were born into as if ‘God given’ and, equatable to what really matters … ’breath’! None of those 3 ancient encampments of control for the sheeple, encourage the practice ‘BREATHING’!!!!! Instead, what’s all important is having the mind ‘parrot’ what’s in some piece of printed material that unknown men (if truth be told) espoused, ‘allegedly’ during the time of ‘donkey transportation’ and, warring over land stuff ….uh, guess we’re still doing that. What ‘asses’ we are, er, nincompoops?!

The rare, ‘courageous’ come across something in life that ‘intuits’ them to look beyond these mind control networking closets of ‘junk’. EVERYTHING of value in any holy book has been superseded by new and better information for seeing personal evolvement (or a Buddha, Christ like state). Actually, a few ‘wonder souls’ have jumped on this ‘path to the divine’ with the courage of ‘truth seeking’ that certainly hurts the ‘ego of attachment’. The major advantage of religion that I see, is ‘networking’ connections to have better earning power, which by the way can be replaced by intelligence and hard work! Time to get off the ‘pooper’ and stop being a nincompoop? Takes courage though! Out of the ashes of the past a new Phoenix, a new conscious human being can arise!
(Stream of consciousness)

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