The ?fear of giving up bad habits?! Or, even refusal to recognize
them and, accepting responsibility for their effect on others. Habits
can replace habits! The ?bad ones? identify one in a negative light.
Denial of bad habits is common and, even becoming a ?victim? for the
well intended one who suggests their negative in?uence. Hoarding
habits is a crime to all self development. One bad one inevitably creates a ?chain
reaction? of one bad one after another.
Clear all bad habits and the world changes. Today with all the positive information and
help available, to be identi?ed with any bad habit creates a new one or two – sel?shness
and stupidity! Studies say that 80% of talk is gossip about others! That?s a habit that
might need ?cleaning up? and replaced by ?talk about bad habits that others are
right in gossiping about you?, however, judgment slides
into another ?bad habit?. Ever wonder if that one you?re
hanging out with (YOU) is sadly a bundle of bad habits
from serious to small annoying ones?
LIfe has now been ?rebooted? with marvelous information
to correct all aspects of one?s being from weight loss,
drug habits, health problems, poor communication and,
just everything under the sun. As years unfold into
seeing some of the same people decades later, few
change what should be changed for the happier life they
would like even inspite of denials. Keeping a distance
from anyone seems to protect having to be accountable for the
?habit faults?. ?Closeness? is accountability time and that?s often met
with serious resistance.
?Reversing the Pump?, detaching from the addictions of the past useless habits, is a
journey into meeting an all new you, maybe even who you really are! Ignorance of
seeing one?s own bad habits is in itself a bad habit. If there was a ?hell? it would be for
bad habit people who are guilty of driving good people ?nuts?. Listening to ?constructive
criticism? is ?divine giving? when, the listening converts to new, better habits.

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