Lunch, Dinner and, Hooking

1150568838_1bdbaf9981_mLunch, Dinner and Hookers

September 4, 2009
Oh, and, breakfast, concerts, Broadway shows, sport games (Super Bowl), fishing and hunting trips, plane trips, cocaine, money – let us count the ways our elected officials are lured by lobbyists to support their favorite bills! Privately held Escorts paid by corporate lobbyists are the ‘whipped cream’ on the whole scam and, it’s your ignorance and money that supports this circus!

Three lobbyists and who knows how many escorts for ‘each’, well, mostly men! The Escorts are the only honest ones in the lot! Escorts are taking the highest risk and, the least desirable job (however, a quarter million cash per year is not uncommon). It’s nice to sit back in life with ‘the bliss of ignorance’ and yet wonder why things seem ‘kinda corrupt’. The real cause is the ‘citizen’ who decides to not guard the ‘fox pen’.

Politicians, barely accountable, are living in a fantasy land in Washington, DC that would make athletes ‘on the road’s’ life look like ‘kindergarten’! The ‘political charade’ is a ‘big slice of heaven’ at the constituents expense. Who knows what happens in the dark of a moonless night hundreds or thousands of miles away while we watch American Idol and other ‘snooze programs’? Love is crap without awareness and discernment followed by finding out ‘what’s goin’ on’! Rubber stamping bills that take time to read is a crime! Is your elected politician ‘hooking’ you?

How would I know? I Worked on Wall St. where the same techniques of ‘perks’ were used only with someone else’s money, other than the ‘voters’. To pay for it, there is a category called ‘disbursements’ where all frills are captured and posted on the bill for the customer to pay. Always the politicians and utilities representatives (elected officials) were the biggest whores! Make a difference? Wake up, be aware and be a thorn in the system! Love is great but in the world of ‘spin’, awareness and positive action count for more!

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