Cracking Down

1512406310_6bf6630da7_mSeptember 6, 2009
Feeling impaired or challenged? Crack down on what’s going on! People often keep playing the same tape over and over with ultimately the same boring results. Unplug, and let new ideas and visions flow in that move one in the desired direction, even if ever so slowly. The ‘smoothest place’ inside is the place to seek out. It’s easy to always follow the same old rut that is even tired of itself. Give yourself a ‘break’ and make it ‘breaking news’ for real!

Stop insisting on people, especially those close to you, respecting you as an individual when this insisted upon ‘individuality’ is really a ‘coverup’ for unexamined, selfish behaviors. This ‘be an individual’ and, people need to respect that idea, is filled with holes! First, be ‘smooth and in love’ with yourself! Are you at the top of your game with yourself? Have you come to terms with all your emotions, unleashed? Have you found all the love you can imagine? If not, is there still common sense hope for that happening? There are many elements of love in life that can be put together like in a ‘love collage’ to open up the heart where it hasn’t worked. If one starts with finding ways to love the self and, that may involve any number of mediations done over a long period of time but, what the heck, it’s better than hoping and wishing for what’s not happening!

Life can be a ‘crap shoot’ with endless unknowns, some advantageous, some not. By paying attention and ascertaining what decisions and paths that are of the highest consciousness, one skews that ‘crap shoot’ in the most positive direction. Always, look with a sense of non entitlement and, a little humor. LIfe has a strange fixation of seeming to want to support common sense and the mysteries of the heart that are in a non expectation mode.

Self renewal or, ‘rebooting’, opens up the doors of magic for new opportunities and perspectives. Those who keep the peddle to the floor, the rubber on the ground with eyes wide open leave behind the past for a new venture out of the doldrums of the past. Always, while ‘cracking down’ seek that smooth center of control and benediction for the fruits of the moment.

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