Utility Marriage

159957837_bc179c55ed_mSeptember 2, 2009
Marriage is a meditation to raise the consciousness through the many facets of love. Marriage that becomes ‘utilitarian’ becomes a dumping ground for garbage passed on for so many centuries… well, it’s a new dawn and a new day at this time during this precious life. To miss this one time in earth’s history ‘because, because’, is nothing more than ‘love’s suicide’ when help is all around like never before to enrich the infinite possibilities of what love can manifest.

Marriage in it’s positive sense isn’t a box but a window to freedoms unknown to the world watching the ground while missing the stars. It is appalling to see marriage downgraded into a co-conspiracy to accumulate more ‘trinkets’! People who want to do that are welcome to do so but should create an honest arrangement like a ‘civil union’ instead of the charade of life’s sacred union of marriage. Current marriage has certain expectation of ‘suppose too’s’ decided by society. Marriage is really a ‘momentary’ merging into an ’us’ and, done harmoniously, can be a window of inner development and freedom rarely available otherwise.

Marriage needs to be seen as a godly opportunity to experience a blissfulness through coupling that would likely only be a fantasy that is never reached by all but a tiny few. A soul mating into a marriage, is a divine like method to erase all ‘belief systems’ and, gadfly dictums of others who only have unexperienced positive opinions of what marriage is and isn’t.

Love needs an environment in which to grow into a blossoming fragrance that creates an endless circle of love floating into the universe of empty wishes and promises of something that seems but a dream. Love only wilts in an environment of discord and, where ‘functional, manageable existence’ becomes the overwhelming false representation of the ‘nirvana’ that is within each one’s reach through the open doors of love. Love is ‘elusive’, but for those who’ve broken down all the barriers found only in the high spirits of coupling or, by the treasures of letting go through meditation’s window of freedom. Love and freedom are the wings of that which flies the highest!

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