Homeless in Heaven

181562164_89f97f454a_mSeptember 3, 2009
The hypothetical heaven is as much a home as mother earth is! Few of the rich with their accumulations or, the poor who think their life needs more money to be ‘heaven on earth’, have a clue! Each is an ‘earth temp’ destined for ‘out of worldly travels’ sooner than later. A beautiful home and yard, cars, boat, and infinite toys for pleasure, do not make up a home but a ‘house’ filled with unnecessaries! A house is not a home – ever!

The ‘home’ is only within you where ever you go, there it is! I’ve been watching the LA fires on TV and the ‘homes’ and all possessions turned to embers and ashes. What’s left? You? Or, you and your endless grieving for the rest of your life for possessions gone? No one wants to lose things perhaps worked hard for and enjoyed but, are they attached to so that the soul was left as a house and, not a home? I hear of the trailer in Georgia where 8 family members are left murdered. Did anyone including the murderer have anything, even a house let alone a home?

Is the suicide bomber wandering around the gold paved streets of this heaven looking for the 72 virgins and, what about the female ‘suicide bomber’, what does she get but a
homeless shelter while you are in an upscale homeless shelter. It’s easy, when confronted with this to say the right thing that you have you’re home within! Is it ego or, do you?

Is your life dependent on ‘payments’? And, are payments necessary for shelter and opportunities of sustaining a reasonable life? Perhaps but, has each one ‘payed attention’ to paying payments to those inner qualities that build a home within? Compassion, giving, receiving, joy, inner bliss, and all aspects of a love like none other?
Tomorrow is today, no coulda, woulda, shoulda’s will count – they are all ‘house’! Time is short, the journey is long, perhaps one should ‘hurry’ with discernment and consciousness?! Time to be a ‘real homebody’! Ambiguity over this won’t get one anywhere!

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