Innie or Outie

August 30, 2009
Everyone wants to be known as an ‘innie’. In the ‘group’ or, out of it; or, an inner type or, outer type. Ask most anyone if they regard in their life the ‘inner or outer’ as more important and, they will inevitably say, ‘inner’. This is where the ‘lies’ of self deception start. By action, most people value the outer more and the ‘inner’ is merely a shadow barely seen in the starlight of the night. In truth, most miss BOTH! Pursuit of the outer diminishes the care that the ‘inner’ needs.

Everyday people spend a few seconds to 1-3 minutes on enhancing the inner while spending hours dwelling over what is hurting them and how to get more of this and that with little or no regard for what treasures they already have in the cob webbed closet inside. Every day is like the next with this ‘looping’ behavior rather than questioning what habits and beliefs need to be replaced with the ‘medicine’ to remove their intoxicating effects. Living within a ‘box’ of habits without examining and replacing them with improvements is akin to eliminating the night and day cycle with just one of them.

What’s most important is nullified by always using the mind and little attention to the heart always seeking logic over love. People are so attached to becoming extraordinary that the virtues of being ordinary are overlooked. Death destroys all outer however, not the invisible and eternal inner. Standing by the side of the road reflecting on the joys within while everyone is rushing by, may look stupid to the passer-bys but, is the path of divine discernment.

That which is within is the fuel for living a life of enjoyment and purpose not, ‘mentalizing’ over the value of ones stocks and varied investments for ‘retirement’. What meaning is in more about keeping the same ole same ole going with little or no giving back to life be it the community or helping people who are trying to make a difference but have empty pockets and yet, inner qualities to help nurture the world. The outer has value, it just makes little common sense to have it rule over the inner. Put the inner first and the outer will be what it wants to be.

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