Conservative Scrooge

6751051_072ce8f518_mAugust 29, 2009
Rich or poor, these slum dog misers measure the toilet paper they use! Have one friend, besides being a nice guy when he drops the ‘redneck’ label, always offers a piece of gum then proceeds to split it in half. He jokes about it but, he’s serious when one looks at the other ‘rollover from childhood habits’. To be conservative at times obviously is the best choice but, there is a point where the line is crossed and one is a ’conservative’ which is a kind of sociopath.

Conservatives have sexual problems that they of course never admit. Number one, in all cases, they fear closeness and letting go completely. To their defense, they always pick someone with similar traits and often spend their life in a ‘life time scrap’. Given the opportunity, they sneak every opportunity to express their sexual fantasies in the closet hidden from everyone but maybe another ‘pervert in denial’. ‘In love’ is never really a happening and, any attempt usually is fraught with ‘motives’.

Conservatives usually have a belief system which is a ‘rollover’ from childhood’s unresolved issues. They’re only into ‘self evolving’ if they can cling to their precious habits from ‘yesterdays’ that annoy their friends, relatives, and co workers. The ‘scuttlebutt’ on these ‘trench dwellers’ is that they are just ‘tight asses’ hoarding what they’ll never take with them to the other side but, they live as if their life goes on for ever even, while dying. Sadly, as well as annoyingly, they are filled with myopic judgment as a protective shield for their ‘unowned’ sociopathic behaviors.

Tips on getting over this ‘life time malady’ are worthless unless they find them on their own. However, tips for those not in this category can save a little heartache. Grabbing an obvious one is to never get too close to these closet vampires to stay unscathed. Use them before they use you but, with compassion and sensitivity. They do have qualities which are usually well ‘honed’ and helpful. Always approach them with a sense of humor, even if it’s discrete humor. Expect nothing but a 1/2 stick of gum and have fun with them. They fear ‘closeness’. One should fear ones own expectations that they will meet the compassion to give in this life! Enjoy the open heart and mind as well as those who are also of like intelligence.

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