Ambivalent Christians

2487164059_3403980a3c_mAugust 30, 09
Most Christians came from the ‘tooth fairy – Santa Claus – Easter Bunny’ days of early childhood where parents discovered it was easier to use fantasy to please little children.
One of those fantasies to inspire good behavior was an invisible man in the sky who gave birth to a son who performed miracles. Generations felt comfortable with the idea and every once in a while, a person, for any number of reasons, decided that even though the logic of the whole ‘god-Jesus’ thing was baffling, it could be sold to the majority who are ‘just passing through life’ needing some kind of pacifier to give them hope.

Very rare is anyone ‘hot on the trail of truth’ and, will take a ready made solution and, not an objective experience and logic but, on the ‘faith’ or, belief that others centuries ago said it was truth. With ‘religion salesmen’ doing good deeds by offering solace to the sick, dying, marrying, and those looking to ‘belong’ to something for friend meetings, religion and it’s myths has prospered to over 250,000 churches, temples, mosques and, meeting places under a tree in the US alone!

Guilt is spoon fed from childhood as it was to the parents and their parents, on and on, to control for lack of other ways that they were too busy surviving to think of. Invisible voices and eyes are always present to monitor every life. Little attention is paid to the fact that most of these ‘monitors’ are common sense and harmonious with the energy of ‘feeling right’ in it’s many positive dimensions, popularly referred to as ‘love’.

Sadly, ambivalence over the rituals leads to more undecided, mixed, discombobulated, conflicting, opposed, uncertain, doubtful, unsure, contradictory, wavering, etc. behaviors that consume ones entire life rather than ‘seeing’ the miracles that life, positively affirmed, provides for the open heart and mind. The search for truth is trumped by the search for survival and then, the pursuit of greedy needs that further add a fog to seeking the hidden answers to life hidden in plain sight.

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