Beyond God

47522929_1a447f0a36_mAugust 27, 2009
There is no God as it’s perceived by people. It’s a lie that is for those who won’t take the time to empty false information and utilize all senses to see what is beyond this ‘fiction’ that is infinitely more exciting! ‘Atheist and God thumpers’ are both paddling upstream in the ‘boat of illusion’ with leaking holes.

There is a wonderful story about a guru and his cranky disciple that Deepak Chopra has related many times. Both are getting on in their years, and they are sitting one afternoon in a cramped, dingy room waiting for someone to bring them their food.
“Why are you any different than me?” the disciple grumbled. “We’re just two old men sitting here impatiently waiting for our dinner.”
“That’s true,” the guru said.
“We see the same room,’’ the disciple went on. “We live in the same world. There is no difference at all.”
The guru shook his head. “You say we live in the same world, but we don’t. You world is private; no one else can enter it. It is a made of personal memories, desires, feelings, and dreams. My world is not private but open to all. It is eternal and unbounded. Nothing exists in it that I claim as my own. Whenever I look I see love, trust, truth, eternity.”
The disciple still complained, “If your world is so much better than mine, why do you even bother to be here?”
“ Because your world is only a dream,” the guru said quietly, and it gives me pleasure when someone wakes up.”

We seem to find satisfaction in accepting very little that goes beyond the five senses. We believe what we are fed without ‘letting go’, opening our heart, mind and all the senses to grasp what is there all around but for our stubborn barriers. Seeking protection from the truth and instead accepting illusion handed down in the form of ‘holy books’ and ‘fraudulent god men captivating the souls of mankind turning them into little more than robots.

A jump into the ‘unknown’ with eyes wide open is needed. Trust existence and going beyond the ‘falseness’ of a god is an exciting path to wonders beyond imagination. Don’t ‘seek to be saved’, for why save that which needs disposal to see the divineness of life looking though the window. Just open the shades!

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