Redneck Men & Sex

375771929_f456d1c5b1_mAugust 26, 2009
Viagra, Cialis, Lavitra, internet Porno ….as if men need stimulus with the way they are! ‘Sticking it’ is considered love for most Neanderthals known as men. These ‘rednecks’ are excited about anything that turns their ‘biological self serving brains’ on. The main brain of the redneck is between his legs that seems to stimulate fantasies that even would make ‘porno Disneyland’ blush. Now sex is great but, at the expense of love and compassion?

It’s a pretty well known fact that men are generally ‘oversexed’ compared to most women, clearly. Why then is the ‘hanging brain erection industry’ a hundred billion dollar industry? For women, who are far less stimulated to jump on everything (excluding those who for $, satisfy the neanderthals), why, why, why are they not the ones spending billions on female ‘viagra’s’? Makes little sense that men aren’t given something to downsize their hunger for biological satisfaction while giving momentum to their ‘love stimulus’ is ignored.

Women in their desperation for love, go along with this ‘erectile charade’ thinking there will be more love, instead seeing, through wishing, that it makes no difference. Are bitter women made by men? The whole emphasis on improving love is advertised with ‘obvious glee’ and false tender advertising gimmicks. Sometimes it seems that ‘erectile disfunction’ is created where it isn’t, putting a certain fear and expectation in both men and women that life is about an ‘erection’. There are many reasons for a ‘non erection’ and most of them are quite natural not needing a false stimulus.

Unwilling partners who are overcome by size and passion of self satisfaction, face a type of rape that doesn’t need a helper like ‘viagra’ to ignore their inner wishes. Love is the only ‘true viagra’ that will serve the emotions between two people in the divine spirit of mutualness. Love is free and need not cause concern about ‘side effects’! Loving communication is always a means to a joyous ending and a preparation for endless beginnings. No doctor needed!


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