Pssst … Just Stop!

2199460575_c999b108ea_mAugust 27, 2009
Where ever you go, there you are! Same ole, same ole. However, stopping and, all is at the point of change. You are not ‘just’ who you think you are. How much of who you think you are, is really what you think others see you as? Are you trapped in a routine that seems to have no opportunity to step out of? Stop, look around, see the alternatives, and have the courage and discernment to move in a new, different, and improved direction.

Certainly, the most important aspect of life to always be nurturing for growth and refinement, is the invisible inner part of each of us. We all come with different opportunities in life and, wherever where one is, there is a ‘window’ of opportunity to climb out of all calamities, burdens, and every obstacle, including denial of self worth. Many in the world live in dire hardship and poverty even looking for the simplest of survival means like clean water.

It’s obvious that changing the inner is an answer to changing life into a more worthwhile and joyous one but, changing the outer can be overwhelmingly important to making those inner changes. Millions are born in ‘restrictive environments’, be they ghettos or even small towns where they live in not only their own judgments but, have to live with the judgments of others that so imprison growth. No question, if I’d remained in the little logging community I was raised in, that life’s inner and outer opportunities for ‘evolution’ would have been stifled. Living for years in NYC and Los Angeles knowing almost no one in the beginning, was an opportunity to ‘script’ my life in ways that stirred the passions inside for manifestation.

Often, a whole new environment can open a plethora of chances to expand and redefine inner ‘callings’ if, one has opened the heart and mind to find and, accept them. Sometimes, one or more people can entrap one into a quicksand that allows very little inner movement. ‘Where ever you go there you are’ can be a positive thing if seeing that you are unlimited in the higher expressions of life that could well have been suppressed forever. Pssst … find new, better, healthy ways to go into!

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