Conservative ‘Nazi’

3325259233_e51dd2bf20_mAugust 24, 2009
Open minded, open hearted, are not qualities of the ‘so called’ conservative, except in their own ‘tight assed’ opinion. Conservatives rarely like truths of life beyond what they protect with hidden rage when presented with information beyond their ‘little box’ of beliefs that they cling to. ‘Minds with walls of deafness’ where thoughts pass by their narrow minded ears.

Never try to grow a garden in dead soil. Conservatives always shop for food at the least expensive market while ignoring healthier alternatives. Conservatives are ‘unabashed’ gluttons for eating meat while scorning anything resembling ‘vegetarianism’. I live in a very progressive, cultural, caring small town in the Northwest. Thirty miles away is another upscale town of similar size populated by mostly ‘white nazi’s’ (not sees) with every fast food and ‘Wal mart type’ enterprise known to man. In my community, ‘chain stores’ are nearly non existent. We have one of the countries best organic food stores, a weekly farmers market along with a ‘stupid market’ for the local white ‘stuck in the muds’. The good news is that the conservatives here in town, seem to adapt with the local intelligent mindset.

Twice a month, my neighbor and I travel to the ‘conservative town’. My neighbor is a strict vegetarian who finds all but one of the 35 restaurants in our town to have vegetarian options. In the neighboring town, with a 15 fast food restaurants, only one of them provides vegetarian options, apparently that’s all the local meat eaters demand. This backward food habit, of course, translates into all other facets of life including mass produced clothing from ‘slave wage countries’.

The few open minded residents from ‘Nazi ville’ can be met in our tourist friendly town looking for ‘reprieve’ from the stuffy nature. When I lived in one of the many open minded pockets of Los Angeles, the same type of neighboring environment was common knowledge to be in Orange County below LA. All over the country, the masses still live in fear and closed mindedness, ‘not seeing’ the wonders available that those with open hearts and minds are able to enjoy. Surely ‘time-travel’ from a 19th century mentality to the ‘breakthrough’ 21st century is available as the minority of progressive life lovers have found! Make love to openness and, SEE!

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