Topless in ‘Venice’

2793499916_8e33f36f44_mAugust 21, 2009
The 2nd Annual National ‘Go Topless Weekend’ is off to a hot start this weekend on the 1 1/4 mile boardwalk of Venice Beach (LA). Seems only yesterday that I had one of my ‘free speech’ signs up there promoting exactly that! It’s time to pinch the ‘religious right’ in the butt and, suggest them smoking a little dope to lighten up, for it’s these ‘mucksters’ who think they are ‘gods warden gatekeepers!

It’s insane that a ‘flat chested’ girl/woman will get arrested for not having her top on while some hairy, fat lummox can parade around in a string ‘ball holder’ while walking in ‘flip flops’. The mentality that supports that, need not project their hang ups and judgments on others, but they do! ‘Free Speech’ includes ‘free dress or, non dress’ expression! If I had a daughter or wife, I’d be proud of them for enjoying their nudity, although the 1,000’s of nudity-optional beaches, clubs, pools, and whatever, may be more appropriate for that expression…for the moment.

It’s time for women to be in charge of their own bodies and have the same choices men do plus whatever other choices they may have (ie., abortions). Conservatism has it’s place but, often is a ‘coverup’ for unresolved issues and hidden mental/emotional repressions. Letting go of old programming that is invasive of others spaces and rights is insidious and, sucks.

Intelligent people need not accept the domination of those with ‘sticks up their butts’ who live as if everyone should follow their ‘fucked up’, twisted moralities! Rational choices for free expression need not include censoring the choice of anyone regardless of gender. The suppression of women has far reaching tentacles promoted by ‘belief systems that need ‘lightening up’. I suggest 5 to 10 second hugs being popularized as one big step in the right direction, especially in churches, mosques and temples. This is the time for free expression as well as a deeper personal and social active love, compassion and openness for others living as they please.

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