Marital Gravity

2813894858_f23036333d_mAugust 22, 2009
“Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.

Marriage is a trip between Niagara Falls and Reno.

Marriage is an institution- -but who wants to live in an institution?”

Newton’s ‘Law of Gravity’ -”What goes up, must come down” doesn’t apply to ‘age’ but seems to be a ‘near law’ in marriage! Marriage as it now exists, was invented for the benefit of woman, religion and, politics back in recent centuries. Diamond dealers and wedding purveyors have taken it to a new level of fantasies. I prefer to think of marriage as ‘an elevation of the human spirit’ however, my observations tell me other wise and that the ‘elevator went quickly up then, drifted down to ‘functional’.

Protection of the woman and, children in a time when most men have barely escaped the ‘neanderthal era’ and it’s many manifestations, is sensible and compassionate for all life. However, it’s now the 21st Century and, ‘moving up’ with no ‘down in sight’, it’s time to wake everybody up from 20th century transition from the ‘Rumpelstiltskin centuries’ to the latest opportunity for the evolution of human kind individually, as couples and, collectively all over earth. The priorities of endless, mindless shopping and entertainment pacifiers has come to the time of needing to be minimized, controlled and, exchanged for inner development.

Love comes after ‘agreements and communication’, or at least, as time goes on, and then, love has a chance to resurface and expose itself to be what it can be. The idea ‘love is forever’ needs a redefinition because it’s just not very visible in marriage let alone ‘agreements and communication’ to take the highest road on all matters. Love may come first but spiraling downward and, taking agreements and communication with it, is disastrous to any future worth talking about!

What’s love got to do with marriage or living together?? Duh….maybe ‘EVERYTHING’! It’s always time to put things together so that love can ‘restart’ itself. Love needs an action that may involve a ‘weeding out’ of obstacles and habits that shred every possibility of a ‘love recovery’. Always come up to the ‘higher self’ to see the possibilities and then slowly begin the climb that can make it to the level of ‘true love’ where there is no ‘Newton’s law involving a ‘down’!

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