‘Nut Job’ Names

2703342457_ed6f83b9d9_mAugust 20, 2009
It’s good to have an arsenal of names on the refrigerator to access for ‘tomato throwing’ – with love, of course and, awareness of potential karma! Here’s a starter kit of ‘funny (?) names:

Bonehead Sheeple Egg head
Numbskull Brat Son of a bitch
Idiot Lowlife Noodle brain
Knucklehead Fucker Med head
Moron Scum Goofy/Goofball
Meathead Scum sucker Nincompoop
Jerk Space head/Cadet Pea brain
Turkey Airhead Numbskull
Imbecile Skit so Yo yo
Loser Simpleton Wacky/Waco job
Nutcase Batty Basket Case
Screwball Glutton Porch monkey
Joker Man eater Jungle bunny
Shit head Robot Simpleton
Fuck head Candy ass Dweeb
Fuck face Twitter brain Du-fuss
Killer Nerd/geek Dork
Bubble brain Nookie Junkie Mamby pamby
Hayseed Psychic vampire Ding-a-ling
Schmeil Dipsey doodle Sourpuss
Schmow Tweaker Goober head
Do do Psycho Jackass
Redneck Battle ax Cockroach
Pothead Scatter brain Loggerhead
Nit picker Dingle berry Mealy mouth
Cornball Creep Fart head
Dope Scoundrel Sweat hog
Asshole Tripper Slum dog
Bastard Stray Dog Beetle brain
Cock sucker Pig/piggy/piglet Drama queen
Birdbrain Numb nuts Wind bag
Moose breath Melon head Douche bag
Couch potato Hair brain Ditsy
Schmuck Bitch Dimwit

This is ‘spiritual shock writing’ that seeks to take the high road of consciousness while
not ignoring ‘other sides’. It’s always about ‘letting go’, loving yourself!

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