Plus’s for Pot

3729724175_7567c4b9f9_mAugust 17, 2009
.”Improves ability to love” – a 25 year pot smoker
.Reduces all pains – ie., toothaches, migraines, love losses, chemo, back problems, etc.
.Lower food bills
.Easier to deal with work stresses
.No need for religion – creates private religiousness
.Helps all denials
.Easier way to enlightenment
.No need for meditation or yoga
.Natural like poison ivy without the problems
.Relax – good when wife nags
.Love making and sex much better – keeps from getting dangerously close to sex partner
.Reduces guilts
.Lessens bad sexual fantasies
.Improves awareness of healthy food
.If Jesus had really existed, he would have done it (probably those who created the myth from previous Jesus’s (ie., Mithra, Isis, Hercules, etc.) likely were ‘stoned’.
.Makes one closer to God or, eliminates caring about that
.Mixes well with alcohol or eliminates drunkenness
.Relieves boredom – can ‘zone out’
.Reduces responsibilities that are a pain
.If all in prisons were allowed to smoke, they’d be happier and ‘reformed’
.Good for women’s moods especially around screaming kids
.Start the day ‘chilled’
.Cuts other addictions
.Lowers paranoia
.Aids in having sex with someone you don’t like
. Opens intelligence part of brain

.All other ideas welcome!

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