Saved from Jesus

2574105001_2ddfac7495_mAugust 16, 2009
I thank life every time I see a rainbow, that I escaped the prison of this man made control cult! I pray for those that are trapped into it. I Love all believers though, regardless! Believing in illusions does have powerful effects that even ‘seem’ the result of the ‘belief’ – check out ‘pot smokers’ and how they fight to deny that pot is anything but a positive! More and more, according to my surveys, people would rather have ‘pot’ than Jesus! Any doubts? Set up a public free speech display and do a survey – you may be shocked!

I actually pray to the ‘mythical Jesus’ in a sense, that I escaped ‘brainwashing’ of the Muslims who are so sad to see their ‘frozen minds’ deep in centuries old nonsense especially during the greatest positive information happening in history evolving right now! Muslims are even harder to communicate with, outside of their ‘gooberheaded’ book , the Quran, that they constantly recite from. Everyone is ‘pre-approved’ to be free of spiritual and religious cults. Penalties for not taking advantage of life’s answers right in front of one’s nose, are living with an illusion that slowly transforms into ‘delusion and, results in missing the ‘juice’.

If you need something to ‘believe in’, check out trying to believe in your fellow man/woman! Belief implies ‘doubt’ and that makes all beliefs a challenge to study to see if there is any truth or something to trust there. I did my homework, and found the answer – no Jesus and, no God as people see that ‘father in the sky’. Oh, and the good news is, one doesn’t have to be an atheist kook either!

The miracles since being ‘saved from Jesus’ have been, ironically, ‘beyond belief’, and, that’s a place that’s always been hidden in plain sight! Also, one can be free from all ‘mind traps’ that promulgate fears and guilt to survive by human gullibility. Learn to trust existence and, knowing yourself – that’s a miracle! Save yourself from illusion and celebrate the moment – and, that’s NOW!

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