Male God Obsession

3163205917_c76ca5d0da_mAugust 10, 2009
Two ‘Mary’s’ in the world’s largest religion, one the mother of an illusionary birth, the other, a ‘prostitute’! Males dominate all religions inserting their importance in all scriptures far outweighing the female importance. Where has the female been able to turn to for spiritual comfort but the male dominated religions? Man seems to always have the best answers for females! I see something very wrong here!!!

Women have, unfortunately, looked up to man’s domination in most aspects of life for survival, well knowing that there is ‘something wrong’. Women have been so controlled by the male that they have had no room to be their own person. Even in couples and marriages, frequently I see the woman just mindlessly adhere to her mate even to the point of defending that which incarcerates her into a ‘mind prison’.

The struggle of the feminine energy in a world that has seemingly forever been dominated by aggressive, often neanderthal energy of violence and survival, is rising. Rising with understandable resistance not only on the part of male imprinting but also females resistance to take a look at who they really are apart from eons of male subjugation. In religion, there is NO empowered woman as a prophet or messiah, even this ‘mass misinterpretation of a ‘God’ is purely ‘male’.

World wide, female energy is still in the dark chasms of virtually undiscovered potentiality. There are rare examples of women today who surpass the purported ‘magnificence’ of any prior messiah! Women have been crucified and demeaned forever by the ‘male ego’. Even the Catholic religion is so insecure that they had to pick a little old woman from Albanian roots to be their ‘Saint’ and yet, there is no rush to have a woman priest! Truth be known, females will destroy the ‘mockeries’ of religion! Females with the power of expressed truth today, have to hide for fear of being crucified or, at the least, censored with ensuing emotional trauma and threats of male negative vilification. No female Messiah has ever lived however, in the future the rise of many will happen as more males drop their nonsense of ‘self obsessiveness’! Power to female energy!

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