Asphyxiated Consumption

352306700_bd42e83027_mAug. 12, 2009
Smothering ones life with all the wrong things is an opportunity for a wake up call to seek out mysteries that are hidden in plain sight but, for the accrued blindness that has ‘dumbed down’ all insight to see the treasures of life’s enhancements. Consumerism is the religion of America whether it be filling the house and garage with ‘toys for tots’ or creating a medical supply facility created by fears of paranoia exacerbated by media ‘Big Pharma’ advertising.

Asphyxiation happens in two ways, both being from smothering for lack of ‘air’ to live life to the fullest. One popular way is to focus ones life on acquiring material things or seeking entertainment that results in consuming most of the time in one’s life outside of work which, is necessary to afford the distractions. Asphyxiating one with the pursuit of money that is used to keep one excited about living while avoiding dealing with the ‘inner needs’ is a choice to live in the Disneyland world of illusion.

The other way is really an extension of the first and, is ‘asphyxiating’ one from a life of love. It’s another choice to avoid the natural sensitivities of the inner while seeking outer amusements to fill the void. Catch a little love early in life and then, ‘spin wheels’ for the rest of life looking for substitutes in all the wrong places. These ‘substitutes’ create an addiction that results in the need to keep feeding the monster while ignoring love’s loneliness somewhere in the dark closets of the mind and heart.

Everyone has a ‘reset button’ to click off the attachment to the past that serves only to feed the ‘monster’ that asphyxiates the emotions of love and compassion. The popularly accepted experience and notion that people don’t change, although essentially correct, is not necessary in the 21st century with it’s openness and resources for reinventing oneself and discovering who one really is. The ‘big bang’ to wake one up, is to see that life is shorter than everyone thinks but, the journey is long so, better hurry up. Breath deeper for a more open heart and awareness.

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