Androgynous Persona

3369008109_38e35e54f3_mAugust 11, 2009
The new human being of the 21st Century is not the old neanderthal that emerged from out of the woods of the 18th and 19th centuries, still unsure of his identity in the ‘wake up 20th century’. Man was all male with the characteristics that allowed him to consider women to be a necessity to serve him. The evolving human, still in its infancy is slowly recognizing that not everything human is ‘black and white’. At the higher level of evolution, humans are a combination of male and female even if the physical characteristics show otherwise. The ‘spirit’ is ‘androgynous’ or, a mixture of both ‘spirits’, like that attributed to angels.

On the base level of ‘biological’, humans can be classified into 6 groups according to sexual proclivity. The first type is the pure ‘heterosexual’ who only has attraction to the opposite sex. The second type is one who is primarily ‘heterosexual’ but has a little interest (often unrecognized or denied) in the same sex. The third type, is more ‘bisexual’ with leanings to the opposite sex. The fourth type, is bisexual but, is more drawn to the same sex. The fifth type is primarily homosexual/gay/lesbian but with just a small interest in the opposite sex. The sixth type is purely interested in the same sex as they are.

The ‘androgynous human’ is a balance of both male and female, able to see and feel both sides. This being is above their sexual proclivity and in a sense, neutral. They are neither aggressive or passive examples of their gender but more in line with ‘sensitive energy’ most compatible with it’s likeness in another. This ‘evolved human’ finds violence, war and, even negativities to be antithetical to it’s true nature.

Life on earth among humans has continually deepened into role playing such that the extreme male and female personification has been taken as ‘nature’s way’ instead of recognizing it as generationally transfered behavior that is widely assumed to be ‘just the way it is’. Men in a sense need to be more like a woman and, a woman more like a man in positive thinking and with the emotions. Reaching for the highest possibilities takes two combined as one harmonious entity.

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