Pot or Banana Peels

3371081643_98af6e28e8_mAugust 5, 2009
Imagine going to jail for smoking banana peels? There are ways to prepare dried banana peels for smoking to get high! ‘Getting high’ is a way to move above lows! Quick relief in a busy world leaves time for what’s more important! Drugs, including cigarettes, when used with consciousness, are a good alternative for higher consciousness – ask any successful pot smoker.

Dry ‘organic banana peels’ in the sun (vitamin D), crush them thoroughly. Add ‘lavender’, eucalyptus leaves, or rosemary, for smell and ‘euphoria’. Smoke as you would ‘pot’ only inhale slower and longer. It’s effects will be safer and lighter but still, very ‘dreamy’. Like pot, steady use may result in addiction. Many of pot’s negative affects, like apathy and irresponsibility, will be reduced.

Too much alcohol or pot is dangerous, too little is not, in fact, moderation is safer and, unlike air, where too little is dangerous! Be aware thought, there is evidence that much of the pot sold has added chemicals to create a dangerous high, not to mention pesticides used in growing.

For those with more time and, trust, learning to breath more effectively as in different meditation techniques, does much of the same thing. Smoking the ‘banana peels ‘combo’, is safer than any drugs which are often used to avoid pains and fears of past situations. At this point, there are no laws that can result in incarceration of ‘banana usage’. In fact, even selling ‘banana combo’ is not illegal! Does it really matter that a high will take a few extra minutes?

Breathing exercises through the infinite meditation techniques can be challenging as well as time consuming for the ‘busy’ and impatient. On the good side of breathing, it is said to be the ‘the secret of life’ (even to a good smoke). Breathing techniques are a relative newcomer to the Western world from the ‘Mystics of the East’. My experience is, ‘that it works’….or, it it ‘fairy dust’ that gives me my bliss? Are you connected to your loving emotions?

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