Holy Do – Do

3527204433_5fc50bc7d9_mAugust 7, 2009
Would Muhammad gather readers today with the stuff he purportedly said back then? ‘HELL NO’!!! Would a ‘reborn’ Jesus have followers of his ‘schtick’ today? Refer to Muhammad answer. Would the old Jewish prophets updated to ‘now’ be followed and listened to? Would even Buddha get the recognition and, ‘statues’ that he now has?

Muhammad would be considered a ‘pedophile’ (he married a 9 year old). Jesus would
be too young for anyone to take seriously especially with a ‘crew cut’. The old Jewish ‘wise men’ would be less listened to by far then they are from the bible today. So what’s this ‘adulation’ put on these ancient, purported purveyors of ‘do’s and don’ts’ except to enrich the pockets of those on ‘soap boxes’ (and, it’s usually not a lot of $$$)? The ‘outcries’ of, where are the ‘blacks and women’ would be deafening, except no one would be listening!

Wisdom NEVER comes from listening to other’s words but, from one of an open heart and, awareness with a discernment to shoot the arrow into the ‘bulls eye’ and, not a bullet to the disbeliever. However, the nice people today are mainly ‘sheeple’ who seem to need to be kept into the flock while cajoling them that they are ‘free to be and think as they like’! Fear, threats of Hell, guilt, conformity, illusion, etc., are the ‘shepherds or electric fences’ to incarcerate the ‘flock’ to maintain ancient ‘dictums’ even in the face of scientific proof of the lies, spins, and omissions of the ‘holy mind control books’ that, few understand anyway.

Did Muhammad, Jesus, or Moses speak of ‘meditation’ or even clearly define prayer as the ‘intelligent’ non followers do today? Is there a God beyond these ‘icons’? Is ‘God’ something other than what the masses define? Is ‘Godliness’ a better word to describe this ‘force’. Love is a mystery except for ‘whiffs’ of it to nearly everyone on the planet yet, ‘God is Love’ is still giving credence to the notion that all know what either means uh, except for you ‘Jack and Jill’. ‘Invest’-igate in self love until something or, force, is so overwhelming that all else seems like an illusion. No need for any ‘holy book’, they don’t have any where you’re going, anyway!

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