Fear of No God

181392269_1f671f7803_mAugust 9, 09
Some smoke dope and hide the fear of the unknown as well as their unresolved issues of the past. Others just cling to illusions of mass appeal while in denial of the fears that lurk in their minds. Few know what God is, regardless of their ego saying otherwise. A large portion of the planet, particularly the Judo-Islamic-Christian cult, cling to the words of their favorite ‘holy book’ as ‘the way and, the only way’ to an unperceived crowded road to a believed ‘Heaven’, not having any authentic and reasonable idea of what that is.

In the event, on the road of life, that one of these ‘believers’ comes upon a being who seems like one of the crowd but they hear he lives in joy and bliss, without their religion as well as their idea of a messiah and, God, they seek to politely destroy what they hear. In some lands, they persecute ‘unbelievers’ and call them ‘sent by the devil’. In the purported civilized world of America, they would claim that ‘one’ as listening to the devil rather than opening their minds and hearts. They shield themselves from unexpected, otherworldly information that contradicts what they have clung to in hopes of some distant ‘salvation’.

Letting go of God, something happens – something beyond the imagination reveals a ‘presence’ from out of the ether and mists. That ‘presence’ is like a gentle force filling the spirit and clearing the mind of all ignorance and fears of love, issuing in the ‘now and here’ as well as, the hereafter, which is always now! Meeting these new ‘wonderments’, requires ‘letting go’ of ancient scriptures that even a parrot could copy by memorizing ‘vacant lines of scripture’.

On the road rarely traveled, but by the ‘blessed ones’, many truths and mysteries are revealed in an endless journey that meets no ‘resistance’ of other people’s version of love, god, and life. Always, the secret is in the breath, that is the ‘breath of life’ where one can be the observer of divine like mysteries as they reveal themselves. Love takes on a new meaning and depth that transcends all wisps and glimpses that ‘humanoids’ or sheeple cling to, as if they know, when, in reality, they have only had a peek at the real ‘illumination’ and beauty. This presence is nameless but, a Divine Godliness.

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