Smart but, Stupid

2788495527_c06a503b53_mAugust 5, 2009
‘Self over rated’ and muggers of reason, common sense, emotional stability and, general intelligence, people who live from their ‘brains’ and intellect but ignore many aspects of life that create a rounded, healthy, happy existence. These folks need a lot of love and
compassion but, are not easy to bring to that level where the intellect is not as revered.

This type of human has shielded themselves from criticism of their deficient inner qualities which haven’t manifested themselves as recognizable as part of them. Substance/chemical abuse, at least during part of their life, is common. It’s baffling to them that being so smart while parts of their lives are awry if not chaotic. They survive on their intellect but inside they yearn for love and those qualities that they can see some others have and, enjoy. It’s not easy changing this type who always reverts back to their qualities of the mind proudly.

Life is about relationships and the ‘primarily intellect type’ is always looking outside of themselves for why they have such dysfunctional ones as the years go by. They are likely to blame the other without finding those inner qualities which they’ve ignored in favor of what they regard as sufficient ‘smarts’. Rationalization becomes a large part of displacing the blame on another without deep analysis and, where behavioral changes are given minimal attention. Often this type bonds with another, different but, with the same ‘setbacks’ and then as things deteriorate, their focus is on the others ‘malfunctions’ glossing over their personal role.

Connecting with an emotionally well balanced partner without this types awareness and acceptance of personal responsibility in things, will likely damage any chance of harmonious evolution of the coupling. The overwhelming emotions felt by this person will be anger and, suffering with love being left out side for the most part. Serious self examination, self acceptance, and consequent, visible manifestation of sensitivities with corrections of old habits replaced by positive new ones, will be a start at ‘a new centered being’! The will to change is paramount. Being verbal about acknowledging and accepting ones problems can be a forerunner to lots of meditation to open up the heart while releasing angers and fears. The ‘smart but, stupid’ are rarely smart enough for self love but, everyone sits on perfection waiting to be released.

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